What we can do for you…

  • Design and install a fence with your dimensions.
  • Replace broken or rotten boards on your current fence.
  • Clean up your current fence with a powerwash and stain, or paint.

Materials we typically use:

  • Vinyl
    • Virtually no maintenance.
    • If you are looking for a white fence, privacy or picket, and also want something that looks great and will last you a long time, this is probably the way to go.
    • A drawback to this material is its cost.
  • Pressure Treated
    • Much less maintenance than a cedar fence.
    • It doesn’t quite have the look of cedar, but it also doesn’t have quite the cost.
    • It can be painted any color of your desire with a weather proof paint.
  •  Cedar
    •  Very good looking wood that gives your fence a little more of a natural look.
    •  A drawback is that it takes more work to maintain its beauty. Every couple of years it needs to be power-washed and stained.